I tested my husband twice before bringing him to the US

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US-based Ghanaian, Sandra Quaye, has revealed that when her then-boyfriend proposed love to her, she gave him two tests to pass before accepting it, to ascertain the real reason behind his proposal.

In a chat on SVTV Africa, Mrs Quaye stated that she wanted to find out if he only wanted her as access to the US or love.

Sandra noted that she was uninterested in marriage because she believed it was too late.

According to her, she was studying in the US at the time and had not planned on staying. Sandra used that as her first test.

“The first thing I told him was that I had no permit and would come back after my masters. He said I should come because he has something going on, and I have my masters too, and we can build a life together. So I realised that he didn’t like me because he wanted to travel abroad,” she said.

Moreover, Mrs Quaye mentioned that her marriage was just divine because she had lost interest in settling down.

“Also, I think it was just divine because I had decided not to get married. I felt It was too late for me because all my sisters were married, so I forgot about that. He came into my life when I had already given up, but he was very persistent,” she told DJ Nyaami.

Sandra mentioned that she had planned to get married at age 26, but it did not happen. Also, societal pressure made her situation a lot worse. As a result, Sandra opted to remain a spinster.

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