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It is no news that adult movie content is the most searched across the globe.

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Millions of internet users browse adult movie sites everyday. The top 3 adult sites attract about 5.81 billion monthly visitors, according to Statista.

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What most people don’t realize is that these adult movies are addicting due to their attractive and compelling images.

Sometimes too adult movies may cause overwhelming desire, inability to enjoy genuine sexual intimacy in marriages, and extreme shame and misery.

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Those who used to act the adult movies or watch have said on countless occasions that it’s tough to quit the habit.

Anyway, below are three top industry players who used to watch it. But they all transformed after giving their life to Christ.

  1. Former Ghanaian Hiplife artiste, Yaw Siki admitted to watching and being an addict to pornography but was totally saved by Jesus Christ after he surrendered his life.
    In an exclusive interview on Citi FM’s Traffic Avenue, the former Highlife artiste revealed that he was into promiscuity and other sexual immoral behaviours from which he wrote songs like ‘Wope Dodo’.
  1. Second on the list is Ghanaian-Lebanese actor and evangelist, Majid Michel. He publicly opened up about his addictions briefly after he became a committed born-again Christian.
    In a one-on-one interview with ace media personality, Bola Ray, the actor revealed that he was into masturbation, watching pornography, alcoholism and the use of illicit drugs.

The evangelist spoke about how he was gripped with guilt anytime he engaged in these acts. Touching on how he overcame pornography and masturbation, he said that, he broke free from his addictions through fervent prayers.

The last person on the list is gospel musician MOG.
In an exclusive interview with Ama.K. Abebrese, gospel artiste, MOG revealed how he fought masturbation and adult movie addiction. According to him, these practices made him guilty and as such, he wanted to quit.

He said spiritual attempts and therapy to get him to quit all failed until one day when he had the urge to masturbate, he prayed a “sincere prayer” and since then, by God’s grace, he overcame masturbation.

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