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‘My Knees Are Hurting But My Soul Hurts Worst When I See What’s Happening’ – 76-Year-Old Protestor Who Walks With Stick


A 76-year-old protester Solomon Boadu with walking stick at the ongoing August 4th “Fix The Country” demonstration becomes the talk of town after joining the youth to protest in Accra.

Solomon Boadu
protestor, Solomon Boadu

Hundreds of Ghanaians youth have hit the streets of Accra to demand better economic management and jobs. The march which started at Obra spot at Nkrumah Circle is expected to end at the Black Star Square.

Surprising enough, Mr. Boadu defied the odds to use his walking stick to join the protest.

He was seen cladded in his White smock, Khaki trousers, with well polished matching white cane and sandals.

His presence alone means a lot as it shows he is fighting for his young descendants.

Thedistin.com sighted Joy News Business Journalist, Charles Ayitey’s Twitter page and according to him, Mr. Boadu Solomon made bold statements.

According to Charles Ayitey, Mr. Boadu revealed “my knees are hurting. But my souls hurt worst when i see what’s happening in Nkrumah’s Ghana”.

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