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5 signs your partner is going to breakup with you.


Relationships are all about companionship, love, and being there for each other. Everyone enjoys the best parts of a relationship like cuddling, intimacy, having a go-to person, and the overall feeling of being in love. Most of us have been in relationships. While some broke soon, some stayed. While the feeling of being loved remains unmatched, so does the feeling of parting ways with somebody you love.

Breakups are one of the hardest phases in life. It may be a mutual decision or you may end up being at the receiving end, however it is, breakups are always sad if you are in love. You pick up the broken pieces of your heart and try mending them but it takes ages and much effort to move on.

There are many signs attached to the fact that your relationship might be coming to an end. Though you may not want to read between the lines and overthink, it is always better to expect the unexpected. So, if you are wondering what are some of the signs that suggest your partner is going to break up with you, read on.

5 signs that your partner may break up with you 

1. Not talking about your future together

Couples always tend to talk with each other about the future and how they will make their own house someday and have kids. Planning and buying things are also among the top to-do list of couples. So, if you are having a troubled relationship and notice that all the rosy talks about the future have stopped, know that something is amiss.

When ‘us’ becomes ‘me’, that’s the sign!

2. All the efforts are toned down

If you feel that your girlfriend or boyfriend is not putting in the same amount of effort they put earlier, know that it’s a sign of detachment. People tend to detach from their partner when the feelings go away and as a result, you do not feel like putting in the same efforts that you did earlier.

3. Stop sharing details

Couples tend to share every small and big detail of their lives with each other. You let out your deepest and darkest secrets and trust your partner when in a relationship. However, when you are inching towards a breakup, you do not want to share details of your life anymore and start keeping secrets. So, if your partner has lately been hiding and not sharing much, one of the many reasons can be that she/he wants a breakup!

4. Loss of interest

You have to notice the nuances to actually know what is up in your relationship. If your partner shows a lack of interest in the usual things you both did together, it is a red flag!

5. Less intimacy

Has your boyfriend or girlfriend refused to get intimate for some time now, without any reason? Your partner may be thinking of breaking up and may not be able to express his//her feelings, hence leading to a lack of intimacy.

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