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We’ll take care of Akuapem Poloo’s son – Child Rights International CEO


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Despite Ayisha Modi’s sympathetic gesture to Akuapem Poloo and her son after her sentence, the CEO of Child Rights International, Bright Appiah says his NGO will take care of the child till the mother return from jail.

Following the decision by the Accra Circuit court to imprison Rosemond Brown(Akuapem Poloo) over her nude picture with her son, concerns were raised about the welfare of the child as the mother is away in prison.

The good number of people who called for justice for Poloo amid the case had the 7-year-old boy in mind as the one to suffer the most in her mother’s absence.

In the wake of these ups and downs, Ayisha Modi came in with a kind gesture that has earned her the praise of many to give GHc2000 to be used to cater for the little boy.

Well, it seems that’s not enough as Child Rights International is ready to also do the needful by taking care of the child whiles the mother serves her 3 months jail sentence.

According to reports, Mr Appiah speaking on Angel FM news said his organization will take up duties of catering for the young boy till his mother returns home from prison.

The CEO, however, revealed that after he took matters up, he knew the outcome and therefore had a chat with the convicted actress over the well-being of her son.

NB; Child Rights International led by its CEO Mr Bright Appiah is behind the conviction and jailing of Akuapem Poloo. 

It is said Mr Bright Appiah took the primary step by making an official complaint to the authorities about the indecent pose Akuapem Poloo has subjected her seven-year-old son to.

In a letter to the Director-General of the Criminal Investigations Service in June 2020, Mr Appiah indicated that the actions portrayed by Akuapem Poloo are a clear violation of the children’s act of Ghana.

He intimated that Akuapem Poloo has abused the right of her child and must be made to pay the price hence her 90 days jail sentence.

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