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Ghanaian skipper, Andre Dede Ayew has said his personal resolve to represent Ghana at the AFCON was the reason he chose to play in the game against Morocco even though he was sick.

According to him, he had been relishing the opportunity to don the national colours and play at the AFCON for three years and couldn’t choose anything apart from being on the field.

Although Ghana lost by a goal to nil to Morocco, Dede Ayew revealed after the game that he was ready to sacrifice his health for Ghana reason why he took the decision to play when he knew he was under the weather.

Dede Ayew intimated that despite losing to Morroco in their first game, he believes the team has what it takes to progress to the next stage of the tournament by winning their remaining group matches.

“I have not been feeling well for the past two days, I wanted to play, my colleagues wanted me on the pitch and I did everything because I have been waiting for this for three years now, we lost and I was unlucky to add a cut on my eye to it”

“We are very disappointed to have conceded in the last minute, we faced a solid team, one of the favourites, we went head to head with them but it wasn’t meant to be.”

“I think we can get through and we will get through cos it is our duty and we will make sure we qualify to the next stage. We lost the first game in 2010, 2015 but we pulled through. We were not expecting this start but we will make it”.

Andre Dede Ayew suffered a head injury that had blood oozing from part of his head but decided to face the odds and play the entire game.


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