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I pleaded with my colleagues in the NPP Majority to approve me


Ofoase Ayerebi Member of Parliament has disclosed that he pleaded with his colleagues to vote for his approval as Minister.

According to him, he did not want a repetition of what happened during the speakership election in Parliament and therefore had to campaign to his colleagues when the Majority caucus met in Parliament.

“I did campaign. In the morning of the approval, we held a caucus meeting where we had an opportunity to speak to our colleagues because you would recalled that in the first vote, we lost that election for the speaker and in politics, to me, there is nothing like small election.

You don’t go around thinking that it is procedural and that ministers even when they are brought to the floor, they are approved. So I had the opportunity to speak to my colleagues and I asked them to be kind to me and to vote for me. I had to campaign in my party’s caucus so that I will get all the 138 votes to cross the line,” he stated.

Kojo Opong Nkrumah was one of the Ministers who were not approved at the Committee level but was approved as Minister through voting.

The NDC Members of Parliament on the Appointments Committee did not approve the Information Minister, Fisheries and Agriculture Minister.

The three has to be approve in Parliament through votes.

He downplayed claims that some people were “seen” from the Minority to vote for him saying “There were people on the NDC side who were of the view that I should be approved. So it was a good reckoning in the end when it turned out that I got about 18 extra.

I didn’t persuade the minority to vote for because these things when they come up, you can’t tell the conspiracies that are going on in the system and my first interest was to get my 138 votes from my side”.

Source: MyNewsGh.com/ 2021

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