Tracey Boakye has clarified she never said on any platform that she’s a new homeowner in Germany as widely circulated in the media. 

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A video of the actress and filmmaker giving celebrity blogger Zionfelix a sneak peek of her mansion in Germany was shared online and quickly went viral.

When some Ghanaians living in Germany came across the footage which also served as an interview session, they branded her a liar, explaining that for a person to own a house in Germany, they should be citizens either by documents or birth and should be working in Germany.

It’s against this background that the actress has issued a disclaimer, saying she never said anywhere that she had bought any house in Germany. She talked to German-based blogger  Bigscount Media.

“Who said I bought a house? Even when you watched the Zionfelix interview where was it said that I bought a house? Sometimes there is the need to keep certain things private due to security reasons.

I always say that whatever I put out there is what I want people to see. Let whoever think whatever,” she said.

Watch the video by clicking here…

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