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YouTubers Connor Buckley and MboneHD engage Arizona sports teams in failed bid for love connection


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If you think finding love is difficult, you’re not the only one. A sports YouTube personality had every notable sports team in his home state of Arizona working together to help him get the girl, and still…true love was not to be.

Chase Field was the stage for the start of this love saga: Rockies at D-Backs. The game got off to a quick start. Colorado took a 1-0 lead in the top of the first when Ryan McMahon doubled home Trevor Story. The two teams proceeded to trade leads through the first four innings. Then, in inning five, a tweet from user @BuckArmy asked the Diamondbacks to zoom their broadcast out just a little bit. Why? Because his friend was on a second date six rows behind home plate, and as any good bro will tell you, he wanted to know how the date was going.

Both @BuckArmy (real name Connor Buckley) and his friend, Twitter user @MboneHD, are sports personalities on YouTube. They each have over one hundred thousand subscribers on the platform. So, needless to say, when word got out about what was happening just out of view from the cameras on Bally Sports Arizona, thousands of people wanted to know how it was going as well.

Nobody was interested in the game anymore. The Rockies scored seven runs in the eighth…who cares? Even the channel broadcasting the game was more interested in the couple’s second date.

All that mattered was that the two lovebirds were having a good time. Teams from all around the greater Phoenix area were sending tickets and invitations to MboneHD over Twitter for a potential third date. Even the Arizona Cardinals, whose season is still months away from starting offered the YouTuber free tickets to a game. Grand Canyon University, Phoenix Rising FC, Phoenix Raceway, and many more clubs were all trying to make sure love would prevail. After the baseball game ended, the Diamondbacks invited MboneHD onto their pregame show the following day to answer the questions everyone had on their minds — would there be a third date, and if so, where would it be?

Success! A third date was in the books, and the Arizona Coyotes had the honor of following up what was probably the most unforgettable date of the couple’s lives. Now, as any hockey fan will tell you, there’s no atmosphere quite like that of a hockey game. It gets loud. It gets rowdy. It gets intense. In my opinion, a hockey game is never a bad date night. However, even with everyone rooting for the couple, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Love is dead. It just goes to show how difficult dating can be in today’s day and age. Even when date ideas are handed to you left and right and everyone wants to make sure you and your partner are having a great time, sometimes it still doesn’t work out. With social connectedness at an all-time high, it should be easier than ever to find love. However, that’s not the case. People place their self-worth into their work or their hobbies, and, in doing so, sometimes leave their love lives in the dust hoping to pick it back up at some point down the road. The COVID pandemic certainly doesn’t help either. For everybody struggling to find the one, all you need is a little bit of luck (and maybe some free tickets)— that’s all any of us can really ask for.

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