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Frank Edem Adofoli, a well-known Ghanaian counsellor, says that women should be wary of men who always invite them on trips over to their house.

He told women to always make their men go to the hospital when they say they’re sick. According to Adofoli, men use this method to get women into sex.

She is not a nurse. If you are sick, go to the hospital. She is one of your ways to get her to have sex with you. Women: “Your house is not a hospital,” he told them in a post on Facebook.

Netizens didn’t like it when the counselor said that their illnesses healed faster when they had their partners around them, but most of them agreed with Adofoli.

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Some people don’t like taking medicine on their own, but with their help and the way they’ll treat us, we’re good to go.

Counselor Adofoli warns GH ladies

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