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A young man is heading to court to fight his mother over some properties left behind by his late father.

This was revealed by a friend closer to the young man who from all indications doesn’t understand why his friend would want to take his biological mother to court.

According to the friend, what baffles him is the fact that this childhood friend of his is fighting over properties while his mother is still alive.

The friend took to social media and posted: “I Just heard that a childhood friend has dragged his mum to court over his late father’s property. The Efulefu claiming Right of ownership when the mother is still alive. Make we no born nonsense for this life.”

See the screenshot of his post below:


Check out some reactions from netizens

@anaiyke: “Whether the guy is an efulefu or not is not the main point. Does he have legitimate claim to his father’s property? If yes then na him get am. EOD”

@mr_cjayerus: “Any property owned by a man who is legally married to a woman automatically belongs to the woman at the demise of the man in the absence of a will sharing the properties, in the eyes of the law a couple is one entity, same thing goes at the demise of a woman”

@ruleyourspace: “He still has money to pay lawyer. Anyways, if l am the mom, l will give him his due. Then write a will excluding him from whatever properties that l own before marrying any man. What of the man that she is marrying? Might be that he is worried that the man is a gold digger.”

@JoyceGodwin6: “But come to think of it. If you hustle Wella, wetin you wan use Popsy house do when he left Mumsy behind after his death? You should even be the wan building a more decent house for Mumsy to live in. It is well o”

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