You can’t change a man, just learn to manage him – Uncle Ebo Whyte to women

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Ghanaian playwright Uncle Ebo Whyte believes no woman has what it takes to change a man who is not ready to change.

According to him, a woman who tries to change a man might be embarking on a fruitless endeavour that will certainly not yield any results.

Speaking on TV3 on the Topic “Why People Decide to Stay In Abusive Relationships”, Uncle Ebo Whyte said the decision to change lies with a man thus no woman should try to use the relationship as a point to reform a man.

He advised that although a person’s attitude might be altered based on the preferential treatment they receive, the overall character of a man cannot be changed overnight by a woman in a relationship.

He had the following to say:

“Let’s start with the basics. The only person you have control over is yourself. Nobody else can be changed. No! You can’t change me once we’re in a love relationship. But I have the option of making a change for you.”

“I’ll have to get to the point where I realize, you know what, I deserve better.” I’m capable of doing better. I am a better person, so I can do better.”

“When it comes to love, I admire women’s optimistic outlook.” However, a woman creates the home, whereas a man does not. Treating him does not imply forcing him. So there’s this whole crusade of women saying, “I’m going to change him.” No!

“The principle is that you can only change yourself, but they can choose to change.” People make their own decisions. So, please retire, all of you with the saviour mentality (I will save him and turn him).”

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