Actress Yaa Jackson has been sighted in a new video having fun with a young man purported to be her boyfriend. 

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The video was recorded in the bedroom and it showed Yaa’s trademark exuberance.

Typical of her, she tossed in one of those seductive dances which she so much symbolizes while beaming with smiles.

Evidently, Yaa Jackson and the young man were not the only persons n the room as a cacophony of voices drowning in excitement could be heard in the background and in all, she did everything she could to excite them.

The former child actor who recently added music to her resume and the young man wore matching bathroom robes as they enjoyed each other’s company.

A voice believed to belong to a female friend of Yaa Jackson was heard saying: “Wei dier couples goal’ to wit, this has couple goals written all over it.

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