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Xandy Kamel is not yet done granting interviews about her failed marriage and social media users are available to listen to all the bitter experiences she had with Kaninja.

Recall that Xandy Kamel had earlier revealed that she suffered 4 miscarriages in just 1 year because of Kaninja’s rampant physical abuse on her during their marriage.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Kwaku Manu, Xandy Kamel decided to reveal more sensitive information about her failed marriage and in the process, she disclosed that Xandy Kamel mostly turned her down anytime she made sexual advances toward him.

The actress and TV show host who is yet to heal from the scars from her collapsed marriage further hinted that she and Kaninja never had sex for more than 20 times

In her own words;

“Whenever it’s time for us to have sex, it becomes a struggle. I don’t get it even if I request it. I can boldly count the number of times my husband and I had sex when we were together. I lived with my husband but I was sex-starved”

Revealing why she still stayed with Kaninja for close to 2 years amidst the brutalities and ill-treatment, she said;

I saw these red flags and I ignored them. I kept consoling myself that things will get better but they never were. My parents also kept encouraging me and I blindly stayed throughout that toxic marriage”.

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