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Why Nollywood actors go broke – Lilian Afegbai


Social media influencer and vlogger, Lilian Afegbai has given her two cents on why most actors and actresses go bankrupt.

The 29-year-old disclosed that most actors are mainly fixated on just acting alone and have no other source of income.

Afegbai took to her Instagram account to counsel upcoming actors to invest their time in other things that could help with extra funds while still working actively as actors.

Although she stated passion sometimes births fame, one still needs to dream big to stay afloat.

In her words;

“If you have passion to be an actor or cet in the entertainment industry in general and you are not ready to wait for as long as it takes, you will get broke. If all you are doing is following the passion of becoming an actor in Nigeria you will be famous and broke.

“it’s best to do that 9-5, start up a business, invest your time more in the things that will help you make that money then you can keep following your passion or better still take charge of your own dream some of the people you have looked up to from childhood are still not getting what they deserve be intentional,” she said.


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