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‘We Were Subjected To Unlawful Surveillance’


Lawyer of FIx the Country Convenors Oliver Barker-Vormawor has alleged that Ghana Police has set a surveillance on one of the protestors’ phone and monitoring all calls and messages.

According to the lawyer, Ghana Police police had surveillance on one protestor whereby all his calls and messages were diverted to a Vodafone number.

After using truecaller to check on the number, the name registered on the number was monitoring of which they believe will be Ghana Police doing such unlawful activity.

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They are, however, set to sue Ghana Police for unlawful access to a citizen’s privacy when such a person has not been classified as a criminal or unlawful citizen.

Ghana Police has also secured a court order which prevents supporters of the Fix The Country Campaign from their peaceful protest march on 9th May.

However, the convenors are set to go virtual with their protest to demand good governance and accountability from the country as the fundamentals continue to expose them

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