Video: Woman shows severe injuries inflicted on her by cute boyfriend days after flaunting their love on TikTok

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A Jamaican woman has been left to her own fate after her beautiful romantic relationship with her boyfriend turned sour overnight after he unleashed a vicious attack on her.

The victim named Christa Lee has gone on TikTok to show how her “caring and attentive” boyfriend named Jordan turned into an abuser and inflicted horrific injuries on her.

She shared clips from her relationship when the going was good and showered her boyfriend with praise. 

She spoke about how much he’s changed her life and how talented and smart he is.

Unfortunately, on November 24, 2021, he beat her to a pulp, leaving her with a bleeding nose and swollen eye.

Cristal disclosed that she had suffered several fractures in her face and her hands and she will have to undergo facial reconstructive surgery following the attack.

Watch the video below.

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