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When death comes knocking on one’s door, there’s no other option than to be at its beck and call and let it have its way.

Ghanaian comedienne Valentina Agyeiwaa affectionately known as Afia Schwarzenegger in showbiz broke the sad news of her father’s demise in the early hours of Monday, January 17, 2022, a day she will never forget.

On January 8 this year, she posted on Instagram about her father’s diminishing health status which got everyone scared; her post was very touching hence she had a lot of well-wishers commenting. Little did she know a day like this was going to show up where he will no longer be a part of the living.

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In one of Afia Schwarzenegger’s latest interviews with Abeiku on Atuu, her dad showed up during the interview session just to exchange pleasantries with Abeiku since he’s one of his favorite media personalities.

He quickly left the scene with smiles beaming all over his face but looking a bit weak. It was such a great sight capturing him on camera as he meet with Abeiku Santana and the crew. One could tell he was a very humble man.

Our deepest condolences to Afia Schwarzenegger and her family in this difficult time. Take a look at the video below and leave a comment for the comedienne.

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