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Two Grown Aśś Men Caught Stealing A Macbook At A Gadget Shop; They Received Massive Beatings


Two grown men have caught stealing an apple Macbook laptop from a gadget shop.

In the video circulating on social media, one of the two elderly men, is seen clearly entering the shop and pretending to be checking out some laptops and phones sold at the shop.

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Interestingly, when he realized no one was watching he quickly stole one of the Apple Macbook laptop and placed it in his trouser.

Unknowingly on the part of the elderly man, the CCTV installed in the shop captured him.

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According to reports, the luck of these two elderly men run out after they were caught in another shop attempting to pull up the same scheme.

In the video spotted, the furious shop owner gave the two elderly men countless number of punches to his head.

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