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“Stop pretending, we know you belong to the camp of the NPP” – Ghanaians tackle Sarkodie after coming out to say he supports #FixTheCountry


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Many Ghanaians have raised doubt about an earlier statement from the camp of rapper Sarkodie announcing his support in favour of the “Fix The Country” campaign.

Per the content of the statement, Sarkodie said he believes when the leaders fix the country, the attitudes of the citizenry will also get fixed.

According to him, he has decided not to join the bandwagon due to the polarization of the space which makes everything he says or does is treated and considered political.

While some accepted his explanation and why he has now decided to come out to speak, many still believe Sarkodie is in bed with the governing party NPP.

They assert that Sarkodie since NPP took over the affairs of the nation has coiled back into his shells unlike the time of Mahama and Mills where he was strong and unequivocal in his demand to see change.

This motivated him to released songs like “Masses” “Dumsor” ‘Inflation” etc to speak truth to power and to put the problems Ghanaians were facing at the time into a proper perspective.

Well, fast forward, these same people do not understand why Sarkodie is yet to publicly criticize the government although things do not appear to be going on well in the country which has birthed the “Fix Tne Country” mantra out of fury.

Ghanaians believe Sarkodie belongs to the NPP and has always found a way to speak good about them while he attacks the NDC. According to them, this is why the rapper is sitting on the fence as far as critiquing the government is concerned.

Do you remember the “Happy Day” song which was released in December? Many believe Sarkodie’s public endorsement of the NPP and President Akufo-Addo made his biases much clear and obvious.

Benisah Saviour wrote:

Forget the explanation oo.. We’ve read it but y3ntie hweee. You’ve made sense still yentieee. You didn’t explain to Atta Mills & Mahama before you dropped those songs in their Era. Drop the song if u have any now.. Don’t use big Brain to say you belong to #FixTheCountry & #FixYourSelf. Gyae roff nu. Michael Owusu Addo


RhealSir TJ

Direct your messages to Akufo Addo and stop being hypocrite. You made lots of songs directly to Mahama n now u are playing the smart advocacy.


Odei Kwaku wrote:

Maybe it is unintentional but your tone on political issues changes based on who’s in power, and that behavior has a name, it is called hypocrisy..#fixthecountry


Kojo Sumaila wrote:

From 2013 to 2016 When JM was in Power you composed 3 songs ISSUES,INFLATION and DUMSOR to express your dissatisfaction with the system.

You changed immediately Nana Addo and NPP came to power.you even went ahead to compose a song for them during the 2020 election.

You can only deceive yourself Kabutey…




Dubik Bismark wrote:

See how embarrassing it is to support something that later turn gob3! Now, you’re betrayed and frustrated yourself same time, trying to play the neutral role eii! Sarkodie, your job hard oo. If you think you have always supported #fixthecountry campaign like the way you supported NPP why don’t you record a song to that effect like you always do? You and SAMINI do yawa big time.

Peter Cash wrote:

You’ve always supported the NPP agenda… we are all aware, nofen wrong with that though. But stop the hypocrisy.


Abdul Mujeeb wrote:

Tell us when u ever criticize this current government. If truly u belong to#Fixthecountry then drop it now. Don’t alert us before u do it. U never prompted Mahama and Mills before u drop it. Be bold for once.

Henry Senyo wrote:

The thing is that, when you become an influential person, your actions are always analyzed critically. The #FixTheCountry agenda only started recently. So you couldn’t have supported it from the beginning of your career. How come we never encouraged ourselves to fix our attitudes at the height of the Dumsor during Mahama’s regime? You guys never mentioned it. Now, we should fix our attitudes. Was it not the same attitude and people during Mahama’s regime? Or suddenly people have changed from good to bad. If that was the case then we can also say that during Akuffo Addo’s regime, people’s attitudes have changed from good to worse. Secondly, let me tell you another truth, you were more vocal at the time the NPP was in opposition. It’s amazing we barely hear of you criticizing this government now that they are in power. Remember that he who fights for equity must always come with cleans hands

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