Stop glorifying marriage; it’s not an achievement – Pastor gives free advice to the youth

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The subject of marriage triggers a heated debate whenever it becomes the centre stage of a conversation between women and men. But what is the main purpose of the institution of marriage and why should people usher themselves into it?

Well, the Head Pastor for Cedar Mountain Chapel-Assemblies of God, Rev Stephen Wengam has urged parents to desist from putting pressure on their children be married.

According to the popular Assemblies of God pastor, marriage should not be seen as an achievement because it is not.

Speaking on Starr Chat with Nana Aba Anamoah, Pastor Wengam said Jesus Christ and other biblical personalities who did not marry were not failures and therefore it should not be seen as an achievement.

He said, ”I always advise young people not to rush into marriage and parents don’t put pressure on your kids to marry, marriage is not an achievement. Not everyone will marry anyway”.

He added that “Once we begin to over glorify marriage, sometimes I blame pastors and leaders, the things we say during weddings put pressure on everyone to think that I must marry, the way we hail married couples, we make singles feel as if there is something wrong with them, there is nothing wrong with being single, in fact singleness is a blessing.

“Because the Apostle Paul said that when you are married, you are entangled with family issues and so you’re not able to give God your best. So I will say that we should not let people feel that marriage is the best achievements. You can serve God as a single person, single men or a lady.” he continued

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