Shatta Wale kisses and grinds new woman in video after recent heartbreak

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Shatta Wale is already on the road to self-discovery after suffering heartbreak just days ago.

In a new video, Shatta Wale is seen locking lips with a milf woman and going on to grind her.

With wishes of happy birthday, Shatta Wale enjoyed all the wide moves the woman put up as a way to entice him.

Shatta Wale has a penchant for kissing people, men and women alike.

No sooner had the woman gotten attached to him than the SM President wasted no time in kissing her so hard. The woman also returned the favour.

Has Shatta Wale found a new woman for herself after Elfreda called their promising relationship off?

That has been the question on the minds of many after the SM president shared the video on his Snapchat handle.

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