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Maurice Ampaw thinks Shatta Wale’s treatment of women shows he’s not ready for marriage.

Maurice Ampaw claimed Shatta Wale’s portrayal of marriage as a swindle following his brief connection with Elfreda is unwarranted, false, and inaccurate.

The private legal practitioner believes the dancehall musician is too young and reckless to marry.

He stated that Shatta Wale views kissing his lovers and advertising their relationship on social media as a business, which is a hindrance.

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Remember that Shatta Wale has had a few failed relationships due to charges of being dominating, abusive, and rude to women.

His baby mom Michy had accused him of causing her mental distress, forcing her to end the relationship.

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Elfreda recently confirmed Michy’s assertions after their three-month love affair ended.

In a new video, an unrepentant Shatta Wale is shown kissing an unknown white lady. What’s next to come from Shatta Wale remains an enigma.


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