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Shatta Wale threatened to beat up Bongo Ideas after the young man had asked him to behave responsibly.

In a comment Bongo Ideas made which triggered, Shatta Wale, the young man had asked him to grow up and embrace change in every aspect of his adult life.

Bongo Ideas stated that Shatta Wale had to pick up clues from his contemporaries who had somewhat become more responsible after getting married.

The comment was made by Bongo Ideas in the wake of Shatta Wale sharing several tweets that could be termed as amateurish and off.

However, did Bongo Ideas have the audacity to tell Shatta Wale how to behave? Well, that has become a debate on social media after Bongo Ideas had written…

All your contemporaries have married because marriage evokes a sense of responsibility. Although you’re the eldest amongst them, you’ve not amend your 21year-old ways. At this point in your life, you gotta be focused on the important things. It’s time to be responsible, no?

Shatta Wale took very personal exception to what Bongo Ideas had written and threatened to beat him up. According to him, it was unwise of him to tell him to get married in order to become more responsible.

Bongo Ideas shared a screenshot of a message he had got from Shatta Wale where he actually intimated he was going to beat him up.

However, Shatta Wale after threatening to beat up Bongo Ideas has shared a voice note dealing with why he would not be forced to marry.

In the voice note, Shatta Wale did not only berate Bongo Ideas but also insisted that he was not going to marry until he deemed himself ready.

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