Shameless couple seen pleasuring themselves on the streets in broad daylight [Watch]

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An appalling video that captures two grown adults behaving like goats in heat in public has gone viral on the internet, eliciting mixed reactions from social media users.

The couple who had no regard for moral standards decided to throw caution to the wind and defy state laws on indecent exposure by having sex in broad daylight on a busy street in the full glare of other people.

The video that has received widespread condemnation on the online community reportedly originates from Uganda.

In the viral footage, the woman who was at the receiving end is seen bending down in a doggy style position while her partner stood behind her and penetrated her honeypot rigorously from behind.

Despite being chased away by a man who came across the disgusting spectacle, the couple only moved a few steps away and continued with the act while bystanders recorded with their phones amid laughter.

It is speculated that the couple captured in the viral are mentally challenged, hence the unawareness of their surrounding.

Watch the video by clicking HERE.

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