See Asantewaa manager’s reaction after she shared a video of herself and husband for the first time

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The manager of viral TikToker, Asantewaa, Cassious has reacted to the trending video of her and the husband chopping love.

Cassious in the last few weeks has been on the trending list for the wrong and bad reasons. People think he’s having an affair with his artiste, Asantewaa.

Some utopian videos of them have been published across social media.

These videos have consequently sparked aggressive rumors that they are dating behind the scenes.

It rather a smart move to debunk rumours of having an affair with the TikTok star, Cassious left a comment under the video post, he wrote “Happy anniversary blood” with love emojis.

Asantewaa’s husband has spoken for the first time amidst the rumors that her wife is cheating on him with her manager – Cassious.

In a new video that is circulating on social media, Asantewaa and her rich husband can be seen reaffirming their love for each other as they stood in a cozy position.

As they stood inside what appeared to be an event venue or restaurant, they were clutching tightly onto each other as they posed for the cameras.

While posing, Asantewaa’s husband, Jeffery, expressed his affection for her by whispering her name and adding, “I love you.”

This “I Love You” from Jeffery follows the rumors that her wife is secretly sleeping with her manager hence he should divorce her.

Clearly, Jeffery is not divorcing Asantewaa on the hearsays from critics and will continue to solidly stand behind her wife come what may.

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