Public’s lack of interest in weather updates worrying – GMA

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Hazy weather

The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA) says the lack of interest in weather updates among members of the general public is affecting the lives of Ghanaians.

The GMA said people do not take interest in the daily weather updates and hence get affected by changes in weather.

Sudden heavy rainstorms in Accra and parts of the country cause havoc to both lives and property, raising questions as to whether the GMA alerted the public of the situation.


Speaking on the issue on 3FM’s Sunrise on Thursday, the Forecast, and the Central Analysis at the GMA, Joshua Asamoah, said “it was disorganized rainfall which hit West Africa.

“Communication is a big problem. The interest is not so much for the public. The interest is not there as much because, over the past few years, we have been able to double our efforts to get the information to the public but they don’t seem to make use of it.”

Mr Asamoah explained that “we use every social media to share the daily forecast but the interest is not so much for the weather.

“We have to increase our education on weather and from now till somewhere in May, we should be expecting these types of rainfalls.”

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