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Popular Kumawood director under spiritual attack [Video]


Popular Kumawood scriptwriter and director, Frank Fiifi Gharbin, is reportedly bedridden following an undisclosed ailment.

The actor’s predicament was made public in an interview he granted his colleague, Busumuru Sean Kingston.

In the interview, Mr Gharbin revealed he had been caged in a Spiritual and Herbal Centre for the past two weeks and he was being treated for his leg predicament.

He suspects he is under spiritual attack as he was hale and hearty a few days earlier. Currently, he is unable to walk.

In videos posted on social media, Mr Gharbin was carried by two men into a taxi, a situation he said has become the norm since his suspected attack.

Some herbal medicines were visible on his swollen legs.

He lamented how he is unable to take care of his basic needs, including urinating or shaving his beard.

Mr Gharbin has for some time now called out some “enemies” he said are disturbing him in the movie industry.

“Even Though I Walk Through The Valley Of Shadows Of Death…I Fear No Evil…KUMAWOOD Has A Lot Of Enemies…Enemies may try but victory must be mine,” he captioned one of his posts.

Watch the video below:

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