Police officer jailed for sharing photos of murdered sisters

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A cop has been jailed for sharing photos of two murdered sisters who allegedly boasted about covering up crimes in racist WhatsApp messages.

Pc Deniz Jaffer sent the disgusting messages as per a report by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), according to The Times.

Jaffer and his colleague Jamie Lewis were jailed last week after they took pictures of the bodies of sisters Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27 and shared the graphic pictures to pals on WhatsApp.

The officers had been sent to Fryent Country Park in Wembley, North West London to guard the bodies.

Now it’s been revealed that an IOPC report said that Jaffer’s phone contained “numerous incidents of race discrimination and racist language”.

The texts were sent between June 8 and June 22 – around the same time he had shared the twisted pictures of the sisters.

In one message, Jaffer claimed that police had let off three “white fellas” who were suspected of assaulting a group of men whom Jaffer racially described as “P***s”.

He went on to say that the Met would not get in contact with the Asian victims but would close to the case claiming that they were unwilling to cooperate.

“Five p***s. Two with bloody nose and the other three ran off but their car has been seized,” he wrote.

“Three white fellas arrested for ABH but we have had a chat off the record.

“We will release them under investigation and close it later saying victim unwilling without contacting the p***s.”

Jaffer told the IOPC that the messages had been “idle chit chat” and gossip while at the police station.

When they were sent to guard the sisters’ bodies, Jaffer and Lewis were instructed to remain at their posts and maintain the integrity of the scene but a female colleague saw them walking back and forth in conversation.

She later received a WhatsApp message from Jaffer containing four photographs of the bodies.

Sickeningly, they superimposed Lewis’ face on one of the girl’s bodies and sent the image to a WhatsApp group of 42 colleagues.

Their vile actions also meant they assisted murderer Danyal Hussein, whose team tried claiming the scene had been compromised by the disgraced officers.

Lewis was dismissed from the force in November and Jaffer, who already quit, would have been dismissed without notice if he was still a serving officer.

Jaffer and Lewis have now been jailed for two years and nine months after they admitted committing misconduct in a public office between June 7 and June 23 last year.


The girls’ mother Mina Smallman said both officers felt “untouchable” when they “dehumanised our children”.

She branded the “sacrilegious” act a “betrayal of such catastrophic proportion” adding: “From that moment on I had flashes, imagining what their bodies looked like.”

In victim impact statements, family members described the defendants as a “disgrace” to the police family and to mankind.

Mina Smallman said: “Jaffer and Lewis callously and without any regard for our dead girls’ bodies committed, to my mind, a sacrilegious act.

“We were told …the police officers whose task it was to protect and preserve the crime scene had, in fact, for their own amusement, took selfies, posing for pictures with our dead daughters.

“We were horrified. I had never heard of anything so macabre.

“Those police officers felt so safe, so untouchable, they felt they would take photos of our murdered daughters. Those officers dehumanised our children.

She added that the actions of the officers amounted to “pure misogyny”.

Met chief Dame Cressida Dick expressed “deep regret” over the “utterly unprofessional, disrespectful and deeply insensitive” behaviour.

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