Police arrest 37 motor riders for road offences

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The Fosu Police have arrested 25 motor riders and 12 tricycle riders in a swoop by the Assin Fosu Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD).

The riders, who were mainly young people, were arrested at separate locations in the Assin Fosu Municipality.

Some of the offenses included riding unregistered motorbikes, and riding without a helmet as well as driving without license and insurance.

The Divisional MTTD commander, ASP Kwabena Oduro Boateng, explained the motive behind the operation is to clamp down on road lawlessness and cases of accidents.

“Most fatal accidents occurring in the area are being caused by motorbike riders who wrongfully overtake cars or over speed without caution, thereby colliding with vehicles”.

ASP Kwabena Oduro Boateng noted that those arrested will be put before the Assin Fosu court to face the full rigors of the law.

He, however, cautioned recalcitrant motor riders to desist from riding unregistered motorbikes and causing road traffic offenses.

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