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Remember we posted an article about an old shoemaker who cried uncontrollably when Osebo the Zara man gifted him Ghc50? In case you missed that article, kindly read the full details about it here.

Another miracle has located the old shoemaker in double folds and we can’t help but share with our cherished readers.

Osebo the Zara man got touched by the man’s tears hence bought a brand new motorbike for him so he can employ someone to do ‘okada’ business for the old man to enable him to get extra income for himself and his family.

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This news came as another shocker for the old shoemaker as he did not expect anything of this sort to come his way. He wept like a baby when Osebo presented the motorbike to him; he was lost of words hence had nothing else to do than weep.

This is how someone’s life can change within seconds; the reason why we shouldn’t give up in life and keep believing God for greater opportunities and blessings.

Take a look at the video below and share your thoughts with us:

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