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A US-based Ghanaian, Kwabena Bentum, has disclosed that his former wife belittled him because he had a lesser qualification and salary. This encouraged him to further his education.

In a chat on ‘Daily Hustle Worldwide,’ he revealed that after his first marriage failed, he married a Ghanaian living in the US. However, she had a higher position than him. According to him, she encouraged him to get a degree and eventually a Master’s degree.

“Some Ghanaian women tend to look down upon the men when they have a higher position than the man. I told myself that I needed to do better. So I got my undergrad and Master’s degree,” he told SVTV Africa.


The father of four revealed that he decided to upgrade himself soon after they divorced. He indicated that he did not want to be in the same state in another marriage.

“If I get married again, I would not want my wife to look down on me because she makes more money than me. Most ladies in the health sector make good money, so they don’t regard men who make less money,” he said.

Speaking on his first marriage, he revealed that she cheated on him while he was working abroad. According to Mr.Bentum, he got the information and called it quits soon after arriving in Ghana.

“We were together for 10 years, but she couldn’t wait. I was so depressed. We had a son together,” he added.

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