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My Son Was The Initial Target


The death of Ishmael, the 10 year old boy who was killed by the teenage boys, have got Ghanaians furious and calling authorities to take down TV station that show mallams and juju men on their station.

In an interview with Yen News Ghana, a lady identified as Maam Tawiah said that her son, who is her last born, was the initial target.

According to her, one of the boys came to her house that day of the incident to send her son to buy him water but because of his son’s stubbornness he didn’t go.

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A few minutes later, she heard that 10 year old boy was killed in the area and upon going to scene to see what happened, she saw the same boy who wanted to send her son to buy him water.

According to her, the motive of one of the two teenage boys who killed Ishmael was to send her son and then grab him, and kill him.

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Maame Tawiah further pledged with Government to clamp down on TV stations that telecast Mallams and Juju men on their stations because its destroying the young ones.

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