Minister deploys mobile maintenance unit to fix bad roads

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File photo: Bad road

The recent rains have exposed the poor state of many roads in some parts of Accra and Tema metropolises.

A number of tarred roads have had their surfaces washed away, while others have developed potholes and gullies.

Untarred roads have not been spared either, as they are in a terrible state.

Accra roads

In Accra, the affected roads include the Kokrobite-Oshiyie-Bortianor-Old Barrier, Teshie GREDA Estates, Dr Busia Highway, Teshie First Junction – Fertilizer Down; Alhaji Malik area, Zongo Junction traffic lights, Happy Days section of the Mortuary Road, and Japan Motors traffic lights through to Agbogbloshie.

Drivers had to meander their way around potholes in order to get to their destinations.

In the attempt to avoid the potholes, some drivers also drive on the shoulders of the road, thereby competing with pedestrians.

In separate interviews with the Daily Graphic, residents, drivers and passengers expressed concern about the situation, and called for the urgent repair of the roads.

Minister’s assurance

Responding to the issue, the Minister of Roads and Highways, Kwasi Amoako-Attah said the Mobile Maintenance Unit (MMU) of the ministry had been deployed to rehabilitate all roads in the country that had been affected by the recent rains.

He said the MMU, which had been responsible for maintenance works on the country’s roads and highways, would continue its maintenance to keep all roads motorable.

Kasoa hillside

At the Hillside, a couple of metres from the Kasoa tollbooth, flooding and loads of silt had gradually led to the destruction of part of the road.

A Daily Graphic’s observation on the road revealed that drivers were using a single lane (outer lane) to avoid driving into the potholes that had developed on the road.

The situation resulted in traffic jams stretching to and from the tollbooths and beyond.


With no help in sight, some residents decided to take matters into their own hands by using pieces of cement blocks and sand to fill potholes in their neighbourhoods.

From Kokrobite to Oshiyie through to the Old Barrier in the Ga South municipality, the road had developed several potholes, resulting in traffic congestion on the stretch.

To compound the problem, at Aplaku, erosion has taken almost half of the road for which reason motorists had to slow down whenever they get there to avoid falling into the gullies.

On the Dr Busia Highway which stretches from Kaneshie through to Mallam, pockets of potholes dotted the road. Sections of the road that were patched had been washed away.

At the right hand side of the traffic intersection from Kaneshie towards Odorkor at First Light, the situation is worse, as a crater had developed following the rains.

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