Meet lawyers of Odartey Lamptey’s ex-wife

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Ex-wife [R] and Odartey Lamptey [L]

Many people have praised the good work done by the lawyers hired by Gloria Appiah, the ex-wife of football legend Odartey Lamptey to push her case in court in their protracted divorce case that made headlines.

Despite confirmed adultery that produced three children that were not Odartey Lamptey’s, lawyers for Gloria Appiah Lamptey managed to ensure she didn’t leave the court empty-handed. 

The court ordered Mr Odartey Lamptey to pay 40% of the Ghc500,000 Gloria Appiah’s lawyers originally demanded from the court and to allow her to keep his Toyota Venza which was already in her possession.

He was further ordered to add another Toyota Yaris for her relaxation in addition to the Dome Kwabenya house that has been given to her. 

It was also reported how the lawyer for Odartey Lamptey defended his school and other investment from being touched by the court. 

It was reported a few days ago how Iris K. Aggrey Orleans stood in defence of Nii Odartey Lamptey in court. 

It turns out Odartey Lamptey’s lawyer stood against three men lawyers who represented Gloria Appiah Lamptey in court. 

The three lawyers hired by Gloria are David Kuduadzi Esq, Lebrecht Malm-Kessie and Victor Larsey.

These three lawyers represented and defended Gloria Appiah Lamptey in the case. 

Their client has disappeared from the public space and has never granted any word of interview since the matter broke.

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