Crossdresser Minani Samuel and his family

A Burundi man, identified as Minani Samuel, has become the talk of his town over his unusual mode of dressing for some years now.

Nicknamed Baby, the married man, has in the last 25 years dressed as a woman, to the point of sharing same clothes with his wife.

Media men from Afrimax TV who visited him in his village for an up-close on his life said they found it difficult differentiating who the husband is in their home, physically.

The 45-year-old Baby disclosed he had lived a very opposite life in his earlier years and only took up cross dressing at a crucial point in his life.

According to him, at a time when a war against men was brewing in Burundi some years back, he was faced with the only option of concealing his true gender.

His tactic of dressing as a woman on the very day armed men evaded their home saved his life, and made him realise the feminine advantages.

His narrow survival was the beginning of his journey of living fully as a woman.

Twenty years have gone by, but Baby still rocks his kaba and slit, blouse, pants and braids. He has even added multiple piercings on his ears and nose as upgrade.

He was quoted telling the media men, “practically I am a man but mentally, I am a woman. I am naturally a man but happier to be a woman.”

His wife, while planting a kiss on his lips, also indicated that he is a responsible man and the best partner she could have chosen.

Despite looking and speaking like a woman, Denyse said her husband is perfect when it comes to bedroom matters, citing their four children as evidence.

She noted that they are both united in love which has caused them to bear striking resemblance.

Baby concluded that she has no intentions whatsoever of reversing her lifestyle as he isnt ashamed of it.

He teased how men find him attractive enough to offer him love proposals despite his status as a married man and father-of-five.

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