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Lady loses smartphone to con artiste after free ride


A Twitter user has decried how a friend lost her mobile phone moments after a man offered her lift.

The young lady who is identified on Twitter as @IsrealGeraldine disclosed the victim was yet to snap of the shock.

@IsrealGeraldine stated that her friend who, at first, felt excited at the thought of having a free ride to her destination has become blue after the incident.

She kept wondering how a Good Samaritan suddenly metamorphosed into a con artiste in a matter of minutes.

According to her, the driver intelligently allowed the victim alighted at her destination before asking for her phone under the guise of wanting to exchange contact.

But the moment she handed over the phone, the driver shockingly zoomed off.

“Another gave a friend of mine, a lift. When she alighted, he asked to input his number on her phone and zoomed off with her phone,” she tweeted

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