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Lady accuses man of being sexually-stingy after spending 140k on one-night stand



A man recently shared a personal experience he had with a lady who came to spend a night in his house.

Describing the experience on social media, the man revealed that he spent three weeks striving to get acquainted with the damsel.

He noted that every time he tried inviting her out, she would tell him that she was not a cheap girl.

In a desperate to woo her over, the lover boy said he blew close to 140k just to convince her to spend a night with him.

At first, he feared that she might turn down his advances. But she accepted under the guise that she hates staying the weekend alone.

In the course of spending the night together, he observed that she kept warming up to him during their romantic chat. At the end, one thing led to another and they ended up having sex.


According to him, it was not really a mind-blowing experience as he earlier anticipated but he felt it was worth the 140k he had invested in her.

The same could not, however, be said about the lady who expressed her frustrations two days after the act.

In a private phone chat, the disappointed bae described the guy as selfish and unromantic, which were evident even in the manner he made love to her during their one-night stand.

According to her, only a very selfish and unromantic lover would be aiming to satisfy himself and wouldn’t see the need to do the same for his partner.


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