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Killers of my husband will know no peace-Wife of late Captain Maxwell Mahama


Wife of late Captain Maxwell Mahama speaks

After 4 years of her husband’s (Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama) death, Barbara Mahama has finally broken her long silence.

Mrs Barbara, according to a recent report has stated that the people responsible for the death of his husband, then Major Mahama, will know no peace and will continue to suffer until they die.

She, however, admitted to missing her husband the more as each day passes adding that she’ll never erase from her memory the sad incident that happened at Dekyira Boase which took away the precious life of her spouse.

By reports, Mrs Barbara said this during an interview with Adom FM following a court hearing yesterday. The hearing we’ve gathered was for those arrested in connection to the murder of Captain Maxwell.

It would be remembered on Monday, 29th May 2017 some residents of Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region, lynched Mahama in a case of mistaken identity.

Captain Maxwell was out for a morning jog and had his gun in his pocket.

He stopped to ask for directions, unfortunately, some residents saw his gun and assumed he was an armed thief and went to alert other people in the town.

He was beaten, stoned and burnt after he had fallen unconscious. The then young Captain pleaded with his killers to spare his life, but no one was ready to listen to him.

His gruesome death was widely condemned by Ghanaians with a resolve to end all cases of mob injustice.

Capt. Maxwell Mahama was a Captain of the 5 Battalion Infantry of the Burma Camp.

He left behind a beautiful wife, Barbara Mahama and two adorable kids, Jaden and Jerry.

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