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A cheating married man who can no longer cope with his cheating ways has decided to seek help on social media.

According to him, he has been married for 17 years and but unfortunately for him he slept with his ex-girlfriend three days before his wedding and she got pregnant as a result.

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He then cheated again with his wife’s friend and a lady from his work place. And now he has three different baby mama’s even though he and his wife have two beautiful kids.

Read his full story below;

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“I need your assistance please. I have three kids outside marriage. They are 16, 13 and 9years old with different mothers each. My wife doesn’t know about this but I feel it’s time I let the cat outta the box because I haven’t been too fine these days. I feel I should really let her know but I don’t know how. We’ve been married for 17 years with two beautiful daughters of ages 16 and 12. Our older daughter is same age with her step brother. When I think of it, I feel I should just keep it hidden forever.
Actually, the first child was with my ex-girlfriend. I was supposed to marry her but for some reasons, I chose my wife over her. Three days to my wedding, she came to my place of work and unfortunately, we ended up having sex. That was what got her pregnant so that child is three months older than that of my wife and I’s. My marriage was fresh so I kept it hidden. I got my ex an apartment to live in with the child. I went there to visit from time to time.

The second child was also with a lady I dated back in the university and the third is with my wife’s friend, she is the problem now. She is the reason I can’t confess to my wife. She is a good friend of my wife and even visits her with the child. My wife thinks the father of the child is abroad because that’s the story her friend told her. She even comes to leave him with us for days and travel. My wife loves the boy and really treats him well. She has no male child so she loves to have him around. The boy has my surname because I named him yet, everyone but the lady and I thinks it’s a coincidence.
Sir, I just can’t figure out how to explain things to my darling wife. I am forty-four years old now. I wake up every morning with these things occupying my mind. I have money but I can’t really do the things I wish to do because I have too much responsibilities.

I deposit not less than Ghc5000.00 into each woman’s account monthly plus, so many other petty things. My wife thinks I am not managing my finances well or hiding something from her. She knows how much my business is worth and how rich we should be by now. It’s making her worried. I have so many uncompleted projects.
My wife’s friend is my biggest worry. I feel if I come out to my wife, all these can end. She demands money from me like she is drinking water. I dare not complain else, she will threaten to reveal our secret. I have bought her three cars when my wife is still having one. She lives in an apartment bigger than that of my own family’s. She is really stressing me out. I am so tired of her troubles. How do I resolve this issue and live happily with my family, please help me!”

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