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“It’s A Sign Of A One-sided Relationship When They Prioritize Things Over You”-Therapist Says, As She Lists 10 Other Signs » GhBase•com™


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A lot of people have always had problems with their partners in that they tend to prioritize other things over them when they tend to give their all to them.

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A therapist, Sara Kuburic has said that when this happens, it is a definite sign of a one-sided relationship.

She said this as part of some 11 points that she considers to be the list of signs that show that the relationship you’re killing yourself for is actually a one-sided one.

Below is her list;

  1. You initiate most communication.
  2. You initiate most intimacy.
  3. You spend a lot of time apologising.
  4. You often change your plans to accommodate their schedule.
  5. Your efforts are often not reciprocated.
  6. You frequently make excuses for their hurtful behaviours.
  7. Their goals have become your goals.
  8. You are constantly worried they will leave.
  9. Their needs are the focus of the relationship, yours are not.

10. They often prioritize things over you.

11. You consider the relationship when making plans about the future; they don’t.

She added that this was a non-exhaustive list.

“One sided relationships can occur in any context, not just a romantic one.

One sided relationship nurture an unhealthy power dynamic that can be quite painful and detrimental.

Remember, healthy relationships are two-sided.

P.S. This is not an exhaustive list, just some behaviours that are common in one-sided relationships,” she added.

See her IG post below;


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