I’ll impregnate Delay to shame Afia Schwar – Twene Jonas

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Prior to this video, Twene Jonas had already cursed and washed Afia Schwar with insults for calling Delay a barren woman and also taunting the TV show host with her kids.

Apparently, Afia Schwar didn’t give Twene Jonas the attention he wanted reason he has dropped another diss video for her.

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According to Twene Jonas, he’s ever ready to fly Delay to USA to impregnate and have a child with her just to shame Afia Schwar that the female media magnate isn’t barren.

Twene Jonas in the fresh video also asserted that Afia Schwar should strop bragging with her twin children because she conceived them during her prostitution days.

After describing Afia Schwar as a prostitute, Twene Jonas continued with his uproar by insisting that the loudmouth socialite is an ugly woman who has masked her inelegance with make ups because her entire face is covered with eczema.

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Watch the video below to know more…

We are hopeful that Afia Schwar will fire back at Twene Jonas this time around because he has passed his limit and still on a insults themed spree.

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