I thought I was securing my future

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Sarah Essel, Hawker
Source: crimecheckghana.org

A 20-year-old Sarah Essel has revealed how she has been deprived of her bright future after entering a sexual relationship to get support.

She said she later dropped out of school when she was in her second year in Junior High School after getting pregnant.

This, she said, was due to financial difficulties that she had to contend with after the demise of her father.

The mother of two said she has not had it easy in life, as her children’s father who is a mason has been jobless.


This, Sarah, indicated necessitated their move from the village to the city but the situation has not improved.

She said she has to sell water on the streets to be able to feed her children as her boyfriend cannot provide for their upkeep.

“I needed support when I was in school because my parents could not support me. The situation worsened after my father passed so I decided to go in for a boyfriend who was a mason. When I got pregnant, my boyfriend could not support me any longer because he was not getting jobs,” she said.

“When we moved to Accra, he still has not gotten a job and he leaves home every morning without giving us money for food. We live in a wooden kiosk,” she added.

While going about its Street Charity Series, Crime Check Foundation (CCF) met Sarah on the streets of McCarthy Hill carrying one of her children on her back while she hawks the water.

She said she plied the water business on credit because she does not have capital.

CCF gave her Three Hundred Ghana cedis (Ghc 300) after hearing her story to enable her to start her own business.

The gesture was made with the contribution of a UK-based donor, Nicholas.

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