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I Married A Mama’s Boy And It Almost Ruined Our Marriage


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“Getting married to Timson was a dream come true, having dated for 2yrs I can boldly say that we are very cool together.

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He is just perfect for me though I noticed he do tell his mum almost everything we talk about but I understood him well, he is actually the only son of mama…..awwwww mama really love her son(my husband), mama did not really like me from her facial expression but she accepted our marriage,

Few days after wedding I overheard my husband gisting his mum…… He practically narrated everything about us to her starting from the day we got married, he even told her how our first love making went, what I have been cooking and even how many meats I do add for him …. He felt so excited narrating all to his mum and I smile and went back to what I was doing, mother and son bond was so strong.

1week later I heard hubby telling mama that he just received his salary, I smiled and went to bed, when he came I asked him calmly what I heard him telling mama and he confirmed it , “yes I received my salary today and I was telling mama about it” he said, i understand dear, I just wanted to be sure, I said cuddling him to come and sleep,

God blessed my womb after 4months and I got pregnant. Immediately hubby heard it he dialed mama number to tell her even when I told him to wait that I will call mama and announce by myself when we get home because we were in the hospital but he said he cannot keep such news from mama till we get home.

All through my pregnancy journey
Mama was giving her rules and regulations for me through hubby which I obediently followed,

…..when I was about 6months pregnant I was paid at my place of work and I wanted to use the money solely on shopping for my unborn baby but hubby called mama as usually and she said I should send her the money to buy all by herself, that was the one that pained me, I wanted to shop for my baby by myself, hubby begged me to listen to mama and after much pleading I gave up, I sent the money to her and mama used the money to get a very expensive Aseobi lace, she called her son to inform him and luckily for me I was hearing her well because it was at the dead of the night, hubby pleaded with me and of course l overlooked it and used my next salary for my baby shopping,
After delivery mama came for omugwo and I over looked many things for the sake of love I have for hubby, hubby practically worship mama and she took advantage of it, it got to an extende where she was dictating when we will make love, I endured all,

I started asking God for wisdom, I did not want to separate mum and son but I needed a marriage of husband and wife!

I called my mum one day and narrated some issues to her, expected her to be happy I was coming to her but advised me to keep my marriage issues to myself , is not everything that happened in your marriage u will come and tell me, these were my mum’s words and I know that I haven’t gotten the solution to my problem so ,
So I continued asking God for wisdom,

When our child was of school age hubby asked me the school I will love our daughter to attend and I told him my dream school, Babcock international nursery and primary school, I’ve made many enquiries about the school even before I gave birth, is a very great school.

Hubby called mama to inform her and mama objected, her excuse was that she doesn’t like the name of the school hmmmm just the name? What is wrong with the name?I asked hubby who was begging me to change my mind, later my daughter was sent to another school,

One day hubby came back from work and immediately he stepped into the house I took my phone and called mama,
Mama thought I just called her to check on her as I always do but she was surprise to hear what I said, I informed her that my Husband is back oooo , she sounded confused but she covered up immediately and told me to take care if him very well for her, I smiled and ended the call, her son was surprised too, how can she be calling my mum to inform her i am back? He asked himself as he went inside the room to change his cloths,

We woke up from sleep and immediately after prayers I called mama again in his presence, I told her that we just woke up and and just finished with our morning prayer, I even told her that her son made love to me at night, mama became very interested in my calls and I practically fed her with everything happening in our home,
When I was paid my salary mama was the first person I told,

She then called hubby to tell him that I was paid…..I couldn’t believe my ears when hubby came to ask me why did I have to call his mum first to tell her before him.. … Eeeeeehn I think mama is first person in this marriage so why are u worried? I asked him
I increased my call to mama, I gist her about everything including when her son is Hungry, she will instruct me on what we will cook and I will do exactly, all my calls with mama was in front of hubby in fact u need to see how I always laugh out loud while on call with her, with time hubby stop calling mama because they was nothing to tell her anymore since I became a news caster, they was absolutely nothing to tell her because I have already done all lol 😂😂

Hubby came back one day and suggested we get a land from our joint account, he was actually asking for my opinion but I excused him and headed for my phone,
Hubby…what are u trying to do again?
Me… To call Mama nah,
Hubby….. But I asked for your opinion
Not mama
Me….. Hahaha I don’t have any opinion to
Waste my dear let me just call her
Hubby… Can u at least leave mama for
Once let’s take care of ourselves? He said as he took the phone from my hand, I quickly grab my phone from him and when he wanted take it from me by force I reminded him that domestic violence is not included in what I will endure in marriage so he left me, I dialed mama number and narrated how He suggested we get a land and how I wanted to call her before he said I should leave mama out of our marriage, I told mama every single thing that transpired, well I did not know how they settled because she called him immediately but he left the room to answer the call,

They was a total silence at home for 2days and on the 3rd day hubby said he wants to take me out, he stopped taking me out after marriage because mama asked him not to, I remembered the day we dressed up to go out and he called mama to inform her, mama objected and warned him never to do that , she said we are only going out to waste money so we undressed and that was the end, telling me he will take me out was confusing

, I called mama immediately and informed her, she said her son is becoming stubborn and ended the call, I told hubby that I will not disobey mama surprisingly hubby knelt down to apologize for everything I’ve endured we got married, he pleaded that he is very ready to balance his relationship with mum and his marriage, he suddenly realize that we are in marriage alone And not with anybody, he thanked me for my patience and I looked at him and saw remorse all over him but I was not satisfied, I called mama and told her what her son is asking for and mama ended the call, I tried calling back but she was picking her calls, I told hubby to wait till the day I hear from mama before I attend to his request,
I was surprised when I came back from work the next day and saw mama in the sitting
room, I attended to her and made sure she was comfortable before hubby arrive, I was very curious to know what she came for.

Early in the morning the next day she called us out and I jumped up from bed, this was the moment I was waiting for. I was even more surprised to hear what she said,
Mama admitted that she so much love her son but she did not know that what she was doing is affecting our marriage, she apologized to us and promised to continue praying for us, she told her son to try and keep his marriage away from her. Mama left after one week and since then till today we’ve lived peacefully, we take care of our parents but they don’t interfere in our marriage.

Lesson: marriage is for two people, any other person apart from both of them is a third party, try to balance the relationship u have with your family with the one u have with your partner💕 and lastly u don’t really need to fight before solving some marriage problems, all u need is wisdom.”

Written by Gladys Nnenna

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