I don’t mind sharing my man with other women if he is rich – Sista Afia

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Ghanaian singer Sista Afia would not bounce out of a relationship or marriage if her man has more partners based on one condition.

According to her, so long as her man is rich, supportive and takes care of her needs, she would never mind sharing him with other women.

In an exclusive interview with Mzgee, Sista Afia said rich men do attract many women thus she would not take offence if her man pays attention to them.

“We can be good together if you come and are a good boy.” You know, whenever you do something in terms of seeing another lady, you notify me. “I’m fine,” she added.

She added that she would not fault any man who goes in for other men. According to her, if men are not promiscuous, there wouldn’t be “Papa No”.

“We won’t have the ‘Papa No’ situation if every man has one girlfriend.” We’re not going to have this one and this one squabbling over someone, do you understand? Even though I know it’s not possible, that’s what I’d like. That’s it.”

“However, I don’t blame women.” Money has the power to motivate you to do anything. You can do anything if you have enough money. I don’t hold it against women. Money, ampa, is the source of all evil.”

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