I can never marry a guy who has ever smoked, taken alcohol or been to a club

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A lady has listed what she feels will be deal-breakers whenever she is ready to consider a man for marriage.

According to her, any man who for one reason or other has been to the club, smoked or taken alcohol is not fit to be her husband.

In a controversial pos on Twiter, @the_lopetee audaciously listed a plethora of reasons why she would reject a man who expresses interest in marrying her.

She maintained that she would still not consider the man for marriage even if he did it once. According to her old habits do not die.

She wrote:

I can never marry a man that has ever smoked, taken alcohol, done yahoo, scammed people, patronised prostitutes, hoed around, been anon on Twitter, spent foolishly in clubs… I don’t care if he did it once or if it’s part of his past. Old habits don’t die easily.

Some of the coolest the controversial [pst garnered as follows:

Daniel Regha wrote: U can’t marry a man who’s smoked, patronised prostitutes, hoed around etc. before; What if ur husband starts doing any of the above listed after marriage? Some of u will come on social media & start setting unrealistic standards. With what u just said, u may stay single for life

Omo wrote: When you’re 35yrs you’ll be going to Shiloh to with different men pictures… By then your head go don reset

Iyanz wrote: Lol….your unending list is totally unrealistic but it’s ok…continue living in your fantasies tho you’re still very very young! No rush dear, no rush!

Pearly replied: Just because you do not know any guy who matches this description, doesn’t mean they do not exist.

Psamaule wrote: That’s why most of y’all end up being used imagine me reading this and I have to fake it all just to have you and after having you I go back to my ways what will you do? Pack out after having a child with me or what?

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