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These days it seems more and more people are finding true love on social media. Social Media, especially Facebook, has successfully brought random people together who ended up realising they were soulmates.

Well, the lovely couple took to social media to share a chat of how they met in 2019. After exchanging pleasantries, they decided to meet up and they ended up marrying each other.

See their photos below;

Meanwhile in an another news, a brilliant 12-years old, Alena Wicker is set to start college at Arizona State University, majoring in astronomical and planetary science and chemistry. She plans to be an engineer for NASA someday.⁠

“I always dreamed of being an engineer because throughout my life I liked the building,” Alena told 11Alive about her goal to work at NASA.⁠

Since she was 4-years old, it had always been her dream as she was building NASA-sized Legos.⁠

“She just had a gift for numbers and Lego and science so I started nurturing that gift,” said her mother Daphne McQuarter.⁠

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