Hajia4real has put her banging body on display in a new video shared on Instagram.

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The popular Ghanaian socialite who recently added music to her CV brought her sensuality game on while shaking her big butts in the pool and ultimately succeeded in ‘confusing’ men on the internet.

Watch the video below;

Hajia4Real was recently in the news when she asked her critics to see the other aspect of her personality as far as her music career is concerned.

On criticisms about her voice, the mother of one who is real name is Mona Montrage said voice alone is not the only yardstick that measures a good artiste.

She said she has the flair and swag, two of the most powerful tools that can make her go far in the music industry. She made this known on United Showbiz with Abeiku Santana.

“It’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with people telling me that I should work on my voice. I am doing that, but all I have to say is people are enjoying it. People even send me dm to say, ‘Eii Hajia, your voice dey turn me on oo.’ So don’t worry, very soon, my voice will turn all of them on.

Honestly, when I hear my songs, my voice sounds very sweet to me. And other people are actually enjoying my voice. When you check out the comment section, a lot of people are enjoying it. I don’t think you need just the voice to do music. You need the voice, you need the flair, you need the swag, and I got it.”

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