Evangelist Samuel Marfo AKA Misty Coke has indicated that Ghana may have the money but lacks the vision to bring about development.

Speaking on the current state of the country, the social commentator mentioned that a country with no proper vision lacks growth.

“The Bible does not say my people will not succeed because they don’t have money but because they don’t have a vision. Proverbs says because they do not have a vision, they will suffer. Ghana gathers a lot of money but we lack vision and that is what will bring development. If you have money and no vision, it is a waste,” he explained.

Moreover, Misty mentioned that “even before you build a church, you need to first clean your environment. That’s what the Bible says. Before a temple was built in Jerusalem, they built walls and cleaned the town for the favour of God. How can you build churches in a dirty country? It doesn’t make sense.”

Responding to why people do not fellowship in churches anymore, Misty stated that they do not benefit from the church as they should.

“Even though I preach, if you ask me to go to a church I’ll ask you for what. What will I gain from attending the church? Because there is no vision in the church. The Bible also says if you don’t have a vision, you will suffer,” he added.

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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