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Great Olympics coach Annor Walker has said that our football is no longer attractive. “This is not the kind of football or league we were involved in before going into coaching.”

We never heard of betting, but today some individuals arrange it ahead of time. The cops will jail anybody who phones me for such a thing.

On Hello FM he said; “Look at our GPL games last week. That’s all. Many betting concerns remained unresolved till now. Consider the Techiman match between Eleven Wonders and Bechem United. I won’t say much, but look at how the goals were scored in extra time. Clearly, something is wrong.”

Same as last season. During the game, players will wonder why my guys are not playing gently and if they were not notified of the result. My players told me.

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I cautioned my players not to gamble. They risk it. I informed them that any player found would be fired, regardless of his contribution to the squad.

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